"Lisa Kay is a visionary artistic director with great people skills. She knows how to deal with people to make everyone feel like a productive member of a team. She is sincerely dedicated to what she loves."

William Vendice, LA Opera


"Lisa Kay demonstrated creativity, excellent communication skills, and outstanding leadership while I oversaw her work with Creator Central. Lisa Kay is a person of high integrity, character and compassion. She knows how to have a ton of fun, but has an outstanding work ethic. I highly recommend Lisa Kay." 

John Zivojinovic, PhD, President at Legacy University


"Lisa Kay creates opportunities and connections which provide singular benefit, work and training for hundreds of people all at once. The way she shows up - identifying needs, executing plans she conceived of herself, handling overwhelming details, moving the process forward, solving problems creatively, getting the community involved and keeping a lot of temperamental people happy - is nothing short of miraculous. She brought many colleagues and me to a new and exciting place, and took on a project I know most people would never attempt. While my powers of description will not do her justice, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with  Lisa Kay." 

Gordon Tweetie, Bass, Stageworks Festival


"L.K. is incredibly knowledgeable as a teacher, singer, and expert on employment in the field of music. In a private voice lesson, I learned some wonderful exercises which helped my voice convalesce after a bout of laryngitis. I also coached a difficult aria, and L.K.'s expertise as an actress really helped me connect more deeply with the character and the drama. In a separate session, I gleaned some wonderful nuggets about the music business and how to operate as a more business-minded individual. Though the musical world can often resemble a shark tank, L.K. is an encouraging voice of truth and inspiration among many voices of biting and debilitating criticism."

Shannon Kauble, Singer, Pianist, Teacher at Tree of Life Music


"Lisa Kay Fletcher is a phenomenal educator. She is an exceptionally well-rounded instructor and is well versed in the music business. She operates Saltnote Studio and apart from being an incredibly talented teacher and music professional, she’s an all around great individual and mentor. I had the distinguished privilege of working with her in the summer of 2008 and becoming acquainted with her in a professional and personal capacity. She’s one of the most kindred, hospitable, and most reliable teachers you’ll ever meet. Furthermore, she’s a genuine woman of impeccable character and one whom I whole-heartedly respect. "
Guillermo Ontiveros, Tenor


"It gives me great pleasure to offer my highest recommendation for Lisa Kay Fletcher. Lisa Kay is a meticulous director and a skilled musician whose vocal talent and skill as a stage director combined to help create a magical production of Bernstein's West Side Story. Her character insight and vocal coaching helped guide a young cast successfully through one of the toughest shows in the literature. "

David C. Monk, Conductor



"Lisa Kay is an excellent teacher. She isn't a teacher that tries to line up your personal goals as a singer with her lessons. She is very personable, helpful and encouraging. Unlike some teachers she lets you know if your personal goals for singing seem realistic or not. She has a great attitude and a wonderful energy when she's teaching and I was glad to have her. She is also wonderfully generous with her time and energy. She helped me grow as a singer and when she thought that I needed another teacher or coach she let me know. She has been a great mentor and any voice student would be lucky to have her." 

Nicole Collins, Soprano

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